Name: k.fog (freelancer)

Style: Techno,Dub and Electronica

City: Chemnitz (Saxony)

Biographie: Falko Kraus aka k.fog is one oft the most constant artists in Saxony/Germany. Besides the great label Raster.Noton he is an additional guarantor for ambitious electronic music from Chemnitz. On the dancefloor as well as at listening sessions quality and know how are what characterize him and make him unique. Grown up with the record collection of his father for example „tangerine dream“, inspired by Basic channel and Detroit techno he early started to produce own tracks and live sets. Today he is more than just a techno producer. Besides ambitious electronic sessions with complex equipment he is also engaged in sounddesign. His continuous drive – to give his visions expression – doesn´t allow any genre statement.


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